Rainy Dog

Hi! I’m Rainy. My corner is devoted to stuff in Turtle Town that’s fun for kids. You can find me in my crate by the check out counter where I enjoy licking tasty fingers. Some day I want to come out of my crate to greet you with a big kiss on your mouth which is why my parents say I have to stay in my crate for now.

If you are a parent or grandparent, Turtle Town Books & Gifts is your destination! With half our store devoted to children’s books, puzzles, toys, games and stuffed animals, we have a wide selection of high quality gifts at very affordable prices. To keep the kids from fighting in the back seat of the car, we have travel Bingo and a huge selection of activity books.

Kristi Yamaguchi as one of our readers

All summer we have story time at 10:30 on Thursdays. We were lucky to have Kristi Yamaguchi as one of our readers this summer when she read her book, Dream Big Little Pig! In the winter time we have story time every Saturday at 10:30. What a wonderful way to make a memory with your child.

If you need a gift for a new baby, we have the darling Peekaboo Bear, Tickle Monster book with tickle mitts, and beautiful keepsake growth charts with stickers to mark special occasions.

We took in some new games last summer, and our customers tell us they particularly like Spot It. A new game that really took off is Fasttrack. Think of air hockey without the air. It is SO addicting!

Our customers tell us we have a fabulous children’s book selection, and we tend to agree. We also have a great selection of Paul Bunyan books.